Writer: Bob Gale;
Michael J. Fox;
8,8 / 10;
year: 1985






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Back To The Future (1985) The comedy, action and sci-fi classic that is, Back to the Future (1985, starring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover, and Thomas F. Wilson. Is about a young high school student, named Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) living in Hill Valley, who is friends with the, genius with a little bit of crazy, scientist Dr. Emmett Brown (Christopher Lloyd) who to travels back from the year 1985, to November 5th 1955, in a time travelling DeLorean. He gets stuck in 1955 and runs into his future parents when they were in high school, the only way for Marty to find a way back to 1985 is with the help of his friend Dr. Brown. First thing that came to my mind after I had watched the movie was the fact that the whole McFly family’s lives got better after the crazy adventure Marty had been through in 1955. In the beginning you see how Biff (Wilson) basically bullies and dominates over, Marty’s father, George (Glover. Then when Marty goes back to the future he tries to encourage his father to stand up for himself and ask Marty’s mother, Lorraine (Thompson) out, even though she’s in love with Marty. In the end Marty and George make a plan to make her fall in love with George instead of Marty. The plan is that Marty parks with Lorraine, he argues with her, then George comes and “fights” Marty to show that he can stand up for himself. Then it ends up by Biff being in the car grabbing Lorraine and trying to seduce her, while Marty is carried away, then George goes to the car opens up the door, and gets two options, either he really stands up for himself and saves Lorraine from Biff, or he just walks away like nothing happened. George chooses to stand up for Lorraine, and punches Biff in the face and he goes right down on the ground. This broke the whole pattern that had lead George to get held back by bad self-confidence and spent time doing Biff’s homework for him and being bullied by him. So not only does personal life and his children’s lives get improved, by them getting better jobs, but also his career takes off and he publishes a book on science fiction stories that he’s been writing since high school.
Second thing that came to my mind is that the story of how Lorraine and George fell in love changes, after Marty’s trip to the 50s. At first the story is that, Lorraine’s father hits George with the car, then George gets brought into the house and Lorraine falls in love with him, then they go together to the “Enchantment Under the Sea Dance” where they first kiss. When Marty goes to 1955, he sees his father almost get hit by the car, but then he pushes his father out of the way and gets hit by the car himself and gets brought into Lorraine’s house. Then Lorraine falls in love with Marty, which will change the whole story of how Lorraine and George will fall in love. As earlier mentioned, George won Lorraine over by standing up for her and himself, against Biff. Hence their love story goes from her just pitying him, to her actually feeling safe with him and loving him for a better reason. The story doesn’t only sound better if they tell it to people, but it has also had a great effect on how their future together looks. In the beginning you see Lorraine, drinking, looking pretty unhealthy etc. you also get to see how George is not paying so much attention to her or showing any form of affection for her or even communicating well with her. Then after, you see how much healthier Lorraine is, and also how much George shows his affection for her, by i.e. walking with her and having his arm over her shoulder constantly, and teases her like they’re still teenagers. Overall the transition of the McFly family’s lives is what struck me the most in this adventurous and exciting movie. The transition of how the family went from unconsciously unhappy to a great successful family, not only career wise due to their father having an improvement in confidence, but also relationship wise, especially the parents.

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Back to the Future is one of my all time favourite movies. A perfect blend of adventure, time travel and comedy that has the added bonus of a sparkling cast and a great 1950’s backdrop. Christopher Lloyd is excellent as the wide eyed, white haired Doc Brown and Crispin Glover delivers a memorable performance as Marty McFly’s nerdish father. This film made Michael J Fox a movie star and watching his energetic and adorable performance its easy to see why. Fox gives Marty charm and he has the rare and under appreciated gift of making characters seem likeable, this role fits him like a glove. Pratically rushed out to buy the trilogy on DVD when it was released and i know its a film that i will never tire of watching. Great soundtrack, great cast, great script, great you realise how cool the 80’s actually were.

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