1. user ratings: 6,4 / 10
  2. Directed by: Jonathan Milott
  3. summary: Becky is a movie starring Lulu Wilson, Kevin James, and Joel McHale. A teenager’s weekend at a lake house with her father takes a turn for the worse when a group of convicts wreaks havoc on their lives
  4. 3957 Votes
  5. writer: Nick Morris


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It was kind of a mess to many unrealistic things happened in it, like for one she used a gun like she was shooting all her life lol. But it was fun to watch I suppose.

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TL;DR Dumb and corny. Kevin James not in the least bit convincing. Joel McHale way to too annoying. Overall waste of 1.5 hours.
This was probably meant to be frightening and tense. Instead it was silly. I could not get past the fact that Kevin James was the major bad guy. And I do not think Kevin James could get past that either because he was not at all menacing. Even portraying as a “violent neo-Nazi” we was not all at very intimidating, or convincingly violent for that matter.
Joel McHale. what can one say? He seems like a nice enough guy, but every line was delivered with an radio DJ’s voice or as the host of Talk Soup. Every time I heard him talk I just wanted to fast forward just to get by his lines. Not to mention, his character was making some very selfish and foolish life choices. Made me want to strangle him.
The criminals were way to laughable. There were four total. Kevin James plus two worthless sort of hillbillies were nothing but fodder in the end. The forth was a big giant half mute brute that was supposed to be Kevin James’ right hand man. But he was off again, on again, off again, on again with the plan so many times I lost count. And I am not even sure what he contributed in the end one way or the other. I feel his character was just thrown in there to fill space.
The girl who played Becky was cute enough and kind of cool, but are we to believe that a girl this age is so psychopathic that her stepmom to be has to warn the head neo-Nazi that she is coming to kill him in the most cruel fashion imaginable? I mean if so, this kid needed serious psychological intervention and possibly belonged in an asylum.
Overall, it was just dumb and too unintentionally comical to be even have a hint of realism. I kept wondering if the director was just taking the piss trying to spoof us with some sophisticated black comedy but in the end, I fear it was just a bad screenplay and a very low effort.

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